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“KOLONIALWARENLADEN” – trailer for a future radio drama


broadcast by KUNSTRADIO (ORF, Vienna) 

“start asking, where am I coming from…” often a central question in my work with community organisations & groups of artists in Africa; here, I’m posing the question also to myself: through conversations with women of my mother’s generation in Germany (…); I’m asking the women to listen to recordings I made with African women conducted in English & “translate” or respond to parts they may choose & relate to in German (…). * complete text & credits

download engl./german script (cross-translation of audio)

Kunstradio also broadcast the LONG WALK radio play in 2010. A dedicated page “Listen! Babylon!” with resources & background information on LONG WALK is published on Creative Africa Network.

“Anti-colonial Monument” Bremen (renamed 1989; earlier “Reichskolonialeherendenkmal” (1931); design: Fritz Behn (1913); picture source: Peter Schroeder)



Students multi-media stories from two audio courses at the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg, March 2011

see skills training programme

“The initial idea of the audio workshop is to train photographers to listen while they “shoot”, or in other words: (…)* Listening as a means of research and analysis of collected “data”; audio editing as a method of evaluation; audio media skills in the services of articulating and “writing” a picture story; and even as a means of developing (one’s own) language.”  *complete text:  article MPW-newsletter 

click here for >>audio-photographics open platform of exchange



>>The DURBAN SINGS rough radio mix 

was release on Gruenrecorder label in December 2010; a movie trailer hosting the work followed in January. The trailer is packaged in an article  Creative Africa Network – REMIXING AFRICAN ORAL HISTORY on Creative Africa Network where a re-mix tree provides access to the work’s multiple contributions celebrating the pioneering achievements of the DURBAN SINGS project and the people who continue to further the production of its vision.

“Global Voices” published a Review on the “trailers for a road movie”-project in December 2010. Deepdish “Waves of Change” also featured the trailers.

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