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Suite Africaine

FREEWAY MAINSTREAM, a “listening-play” between Africa and Europe, by Radio Continental Drift, Production: Markus Heuger, broadcast 4 May Friday 23:05 WDR 3 (2012)

“How did you get here?” is a question often posed to African immigrants (or their descendants) in Germany. An implication might resonate that the addressed don’t really belong here. “How do we get to Africa from here?” Claudia Wegener asks. After various media-art projects with local communities in Africa, here she focuses on the micro-worlds of African expatriates in a German diaspora: oral history out of the Afro-shop, mbira-sounds and the drone of a motorway fuse to acoustic visions of postcolonial irritations and global culture from “next-door”.

With Joseph Mahame (mbira), Yemi Ojo aka Myami (drum), i.a.

Claudia Wegener aka Radio Continental Drift, born in Germany, taught at Camberwell University of the Arts in London and developed collective projects for a community driven local media-production with artists and activists in Africa. Her “street-writings” and audio-work are published internationally.

Suite Africaine is a production by WDR 3 Studio Akustische Kunst and features radio work by Christina Kubisch, Philip Miller, Emeka Ogboh, Peter Pannke, Lucia Ronchetti and Claudia Wegener.

(translation from WDR programme note)



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