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Sonic cross-cultural exchanges


PLEASE NOTE: Extended Call-Out for Remixes till 19 Jan. 2015

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Remix Responses by Global Listeners to our Call-out are dropping in at our FB group THE WOMEN SING AT BOTH SIDES OF THE ZAMBEZI

DIXIE TREICHEL  “Celebrating African pioneer broadcaster and activist Mavis Moyo (1929-). I chose to create a piece with Mavis because I share her thoughts that women’s voices and perspectives in the media, especially broadcasting, are essential and very underrepresented. I am a broadcaster on community radio (KFAI) and know the importance of connecting with and giving voice to people who may otherwise not be reached or heard. For this reason KFAI celebrates International Women’s Day every March 8 with 24 hours of broadcasting women’s & girls’ voices.
 I mixed sounds from pieces I did on amateur radio and recorded some sounds from my portable radio to create the underlying bed for Mavis’ voice.”

SIRPA JOKINEN “I liked the rhythm of the woman’s speech about the African drum and I tried to find some sounds that would work with this tempo and the content.”

PATRICIA WALSH “The inspiring enthusiasm that can be heard in the voice of Joyce Makwenda in this short piece of audio is definitely a part of what made me choose it to mix with my instrumental piece, Lost Horizon. I felt this composition would lend an apt and atmospheric backdrop to her words because Joyce is talking about the Townships and their stories and by doing so bringing them to a new audience.”

JORDAN aka X-Wing Pilot Thomas “The narration of Mulenga Kapwewe describes the coherence through changes of rhythm and space, coexistence through capability, the gifts of your voices will make way for yourself. Also, there is a background coming from an Inuit throat singer, Qiarpaa, traditionally this singing is done by women together, the hemiola and phasing forms of the cycles overlapping (3+8+10+18) is universal in forms to people over the globe.”

DANNY THOMPSON aka Bass Oratory

KAT BPM “Hi. I had just finished a gig when a lady came up to me and gave me what i thought was a CD, turned out to be the links to “THE WOMEN SING AT BOTH SIDES OF THE ZAMBEZI”, Fantastic thank you I love the sounds… have used some samples in my Grime War Dub… its very basic track as I had only 24hrs to make it… but please have a listen, my track starts at 3.39 mins in (as you can tell from the samples).”

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