Zubo Trust’s Audio Collection: Bbindawuko Banakazi Fishing Co-op

“The audio recordings of Zubo Trust’s women form a seizable online archive. Based on audio documentation, even the exchange of experiences among women from both sides of the river (or Kariba Lake) could be revived: Zubo women recordings featured in live broadcasts on the community radio station Zongwe FM in Sinazongwe Zambia, just across the Lake form Binga Zimbabwe. Here, Zubo women fishery project caused a small revolution of sorts; because apparently, women in rural Zambia do not yet enjoy such opportunities for economic participation. Relevant radio broadcasts of Zongwe FM featuring recordings from Binga are available in Zubo’s online audio archive (…)”  

excerpt from a recently published article in the German “Graswurzel Revolution”

an English translation of the article is available for download

In the following text, we’ll be presenting newly archived recordings related to the Bbindawuko Banakazi fishing Cooperative along the story-line of the women’s exchange across the Zambezi/ Kariba border. Earlier archived recordings with, by and about the BB women will also be listed below. “Bbindawuko Banakazi” means business women in the local language ChiTonga.

In August 2018, we were able to realise a dream and vision which is expressed in quite a few of the interviews with the women around Zongwe FM and Zubo Trust: namely, a direct exchange of experiences among the Tonga women on the northern and southern banks of Kariba Lake, Zambezi Valley.

One month earlier, in July, Zubo Trust’s Matron Muleya had already initiated a process of exchange across the Valley by joining – as representative of Zubo Trust, and Zimbabwean Tonga, a fundraising concert for Zongwe FM in Sinazongwe Zambia. In the first week of August, the Zongwe FM team followed up on Matrons visit by calling for a meeting of representatives from the local women’s clubs to discuss the details of who, when, how for the envisaged Go-and-See visit of women from Sinazongwe to Zubo Trust in Binga Zimbabwe.

We had enough funds to support two women for a three-days visit across Lake Kariba to Binga. In a long engaged discussion, it was decided that the women clubs would come together and join funds in order to send a third lady representative across the lake. The representatives were than chosen: Cleopatra Nchite from Mweesya Women’s Club, Mariya Ntandiyana from Tusumpuke Savings Group and Nosiku Mundia from Zongwe FM would join the two for radio documentation.

The visit took place between 21. – 24. August. Nosiku’s recordings document the women’s encounters when visiting four of Zubo’s economic empowerment projects: the women’s cooperative of the Jatropha soap manufactory in Binga, the Baobab Maheo collective in Manjolo and Zubo’s flagship project, the Bbindawuko Banakazi Cooperative fishing Ltd. in Simatelele.

Whilst in Simatele with the Bbindawuko Banakazi, the Sinazongwe visitors also found time to sit down with their host weaving baskets together. Here they were introduced to the special technique of ilala weaving practiced among the Zubo weaving groups. This had been a request of a number of weavers in Sinazongwe who had see Zubo ilala crafts; and Mariya Ntandiyana was one ot them who shared this interest and was thus eager to learn the skills from the Binga women and bring them back home to her fellow weavers. (track 13)

These audio recordings returned with the three women to Sinazongwe. Zongwe FM studio team listened, clipped and prepared the audio which were then broadcast to the wider community in two live shows on 29. Aug. and 31. Aug.2018. Both bring Zubo’s story and experience of women’s economic empowerment to the surprised Sinazongwe community; the many call-ins speak volumes. The first radio show focusing on the Bbindawuko Banakazi Co-op, Zubo’s fishery project; the second live show focuses on the soap producing cooperative.

Two weeks later recordings of the complete broadcasts reached back to Zubo team in Binga; this time on road via Livingston and Bulawayo with Mutinta Muguwa/ radio continental drift. The broadcast recordings were eagerly received and listened to just as if they were received live on air in this very moment.

In August 2019, excerpts from the recordings featured in a broadcast by ORF Kunstradio “This is a radio-bridge across the Zambezi and across the world…” joint by dedicated remixes donated by international artists and composers, such as those from the bandcamp album of the same name.


a list of related earlier archived recordings:

2018 an interview with Danisa Mudimba Zubo board chair (English)

2018 an interview with Nosiku Mundia Zongwe FM after her visit to Zubo Trust in Zimbabwe (English)

2017 Cecilia Mudimba, chair lady of Bbindawuko Banakazi Coop interviewed by Mugande (ChiTonga/ English)

2016 an interview recorded on the rig by Mugande with two women members of the BB-coop (ChiTonga/ English)

2015 Yes-Afrika Women Forum meets Zubo Trust’s Rosemary Cumanzala (English)

2015 Podcast 5 Yes-Afrika Women Forum with Rosemary Cumanzala (German/English)

2012 interview with Abbigale Muleya Zubo Trust (English)

2016 live broadcast on Zongwe FM


many of Zubo women recordings can also be found on the sound maps of radio aporee such as the one featured in the image below on the rig in Binga harbour.

Members of the Bbindawuko Banakazi Fishing Cooperative Ltd. 2020

Sarudzai Mumpande, Commitee member

Sophie Mwinde, Treasure

Lucy Mungombe, Member

Esnarth Munkuli, Member

Sinikiwe Mwinde, Member

Daina Munkuli, Member

Judith Mudimba, Secretary

Brandina Mudimba, Chairlady

Cecilia Mudimba, Committe member

in memory of late member, Salia Mwinde, who passed on in 2020

We are currently calling for donations for needed repairs and service on the rig of the Bbindawuko Banakazi Coop on the following bank account of Baobab e.V. in Kassel for the “BB-Co-op” (keyword). Tax-certificates will be sent starting from donations of 20 euros. Please enter your address on the transfer carrier; website of the association: https://www.baobab-ev.org/de-de/kooperationsprojekte/ ; IBAN: DE67 4306 0967 4103 8566 00; BIC: GENODEM1GLS; GLS Bank. Twalumba loko. We give thanks for all contributions and support.


Zubo Trust brings women together for self-empowerment”.

Zubo Trust is a local NGO established by women of the Zambezi Valley in 2009.

Zubo Trust website:  https://www.zubowomen.org/

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  1. Nervious Siantombo Says:

    Impressive compilation

    • radio continental drift Says:

      Thank you Sir. it’s a great honour hearing it from someone of your experience! twalumba loko. Zubo Trust is grateful for spreading the word

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