radio continental drift celebrates the art of listening and the power of storytelling in local recordings, especially on the African continent. The “dramatic” field-recordings are presented in playlists on the Internet Archive and shared under creative commons license with the invitation to global listeners to explore and use the archived audio.


radio continental drift – and this blog – functions as a “switchboard” connecting local projects, communities, and organisations of artists or activists  across country borders in correspondence of listeners. Local projects often have a specific blog and call-for-participation. They aim to pass the skills of digital productions and the tools of their distribution in to the hands of the storytellers themselves to make way for African producers to increase the online representation of arts and culture from the continent, and the inclusiveness of a future “global information age”.

luggage of equipment for Zubo copy

radio continental drift was founded in 2005 by sound and radio artist Claudia Wegener as a “broad casting house in the bag of a listener”, an online ampliphier of unheard voices and a training vehicle, which could dock-on to organisations or communities wherever its bag of tools and skills is needed.

See also:

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“Remixing African oral history for a global audience”





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