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A luggage of equipment for women in Binga


luggage of equipment for Zubo copy

Can you help add some funds to this equipment…? We are still lacking resources for the women’s subsistence during the multimedia training. The task is for the women to learn documenting their own work, daily live and culture of the Tonga people, and ultimately, to promote and market their local products, such as Tonga baskets, dried fish, soap from Jatropha oil or Baobab Juice.

We are currently running a fund-raiser in Germany supported by FUgE and Welthaus Bielefeld. Find the call-out (in German), further information and contact here: Spendenaufruf Zubo Trust Zimbabwe.

The project and its background:

Over the past five year, the local women’s organisation Zubo Trust has established successful economic empowerment projects securing the livelihood and self-reliance of women in rural Binga, Northern Zimbabwe. However, hardly anything of all this is known to outsiders. The BaTonga have been a marginalised community for long and Binga is far away from the country’s urban centres like Bulawayo and Harare.

Radio continental drift is soon joining the women of Zubo Trust in Binga as a “multimedia volunteer”. The media project with the women has been in the planning for more than a year. Recently, funds for some equipment could be procured from the German Boeckler Foundation/ Solidarity FundNow, subsistence of the women is our big worry – even more so, since Binga is badly effected by the current drought in Southern Africa.

All incoming funds from our call-out will be used to reimburse the women who participate in the media project and to help with the subsistence of those who wish to learn taking documentation and promotion in to their own hands for the benefit of the local community.

Here, you can listen to a podcast produced by African Women in Germany, which tells about the Tonga people and the women of Zubo Trust.

With your support, the women in Binga will soon be able producing their own podcasts and showcase their work and products on their website. Keep in touch with them here: Thanks for listening and for your support!

Twalumba! from the women in Binga!

Radio continental drift

the new ZUBO


“We are African Women in Hamm…”


Hallo Listeners, we, the women of the Yes Afrika Women’s Forum, are now on the journey of a podcast and radio project… leading to a broadcast with our local Community Radio “Radio Runde Hamm” aired in September via Radio Lippewelle… Enjoy our Podcasts… while we are preparing for on-air…!

Hallo liebe Zuhörer, wir, die Frauen des Yes Afrika Frauen Forums haben uns auf die Reise durch ein Podcast- und Radioprojekt gemacht… es wird uns zu einer Sendung mit unserem örtlichen Bürgerfunk, der “Radio Runde Hamm” führen, die im September über Radio Lippewelle ausgestrahlt werden wird… Hört mal herein in unsere Podcast…!

“We want to tell each other about our lives here… and about the lives of women in the countries where we come from… we want to share our experiences in Germany, in Hamm… what are our roles, our duties, our rights… here and there…? Where, and what could African women learn from German women…? Where, and what could German women learn from African women…? What experiences do we pass on to our children, our daughters…? …and how do we do that…?”

“Wir sind Afrikanerinnen in Hamm…!”, ein Podcast und Radioprojekt realisiert mit Unterstützung von Engagement Global, Yes-Afrika e.V. and FUgE e.V., gefördert aus Mitteln des Bundesministeriums für Zusammenarbeit (BMZ)

Yes-Afrika Women’s Forum


This celebratory playlist for the first meeting of the Yes-Afrika Women’s Forum in Hamm, Germany, features the voices of African women from many different countries and spans a “listening-bridge” across two continents, Africa and Europe. In listening we are sharing one space, and our imagination can fly with the sounds and voices to travel the distance…

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 23.07.07 copy

       Do join us in listening…!

Wherever we are while listening, let’s celebrate and reinforce the sistahood of women across differences, cultures, languages, and borders. The people are yearning for freedom, peace and unity.

invite & CD Yes-Afrika Women's Forum

A CD will serve us as an invitation on the ground, which as it travels among listeners can “tune us” for the event. Some of the recordings will be played as in-puts during the meeting on 23rd August. Download the CD cover/ invite here.

The playlist is shared for free download on the Internet ArchiveWith: the Thandanani Women’s Ensemble; Blackheat DeShanti and Band; Soneni Gwizi; member of the DMI Women Groups in Chipata; Yvonne Makopa, Khanyie Masilela Hama, Sukhani Papaya, Mama Precious and other women (at the E-Day workshop/ Yes-Afrika); Petronella Kalimbwe (Joy FM Lusaka); Abbigal Muleya (ZUBO Trust Binga); Mrs Namunkolo Lungo (ZNBC archive Lusaka); Agness Buya Yombwe (Wayi-Wayi Art Studios & Gallery Livingstone) ; Tabitha (Bonfire Uganda); Carole Karemera (Ishyo Art Centre Kigali); Acan Jennifer (tailor in Gulu Uganda); Rosie Ndebele (Radio Dialogue); members of the Zambia Popular Theatre Alliance (ZAPOTA); Joyce Jenje Makwenda; Virginia Phiri; Thembi Ngwabi (Amakhosi Arts Centre); Lydia Akwabi aka L-ness; Yemi Ojo, Nelli Foumba Saomaoro and Godsglory Nk Jibril-ellems (Yes-Afrika e.V. Hamm); Mwenya Muyeba (at the time, Flava FM Kitwe); Claudia Wegener aka radio continental drift; and children of Congolese Refugees in Durban (Durban Sings Project).

2014-07-05 16.30.25

Some of the recordings and this picture were made during a workshop at the “Empowerment-Day”  for Yes-Afrika e.V. on 5 July in Hamm. The forthcoming Yes-Afrika Women’s Forum and its celebratory playlist are outcomes of the women’s conversations in the worksop.

Download the notes The Media – our Media ?” seminar



Students multi-media stories from two audio courses at the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg, March 2011

see skills training programme

“The initial idea of the audio workshop is to train photographers to listen while they “shoot”, or in other words: (…)* Listening as a means of research and analysis of collected “data”; audio editing as a method of evaluation; audio media skills in the services of articulating and “writing” a picture story; and even as a means of developing (one’s own) language.”  *complete text:  article MPW-newsletter 

click here for >>audio-photographics open platform of exchange

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