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An Ear On The Ground


trailers for a “road movie” from the streets of AFRICA

still from “SAUTI NAIROBI”

click to watch:

>>EMBOOZI YA KAMPALA – Kampala Conversations

>>DURBAN SINGS rough radio mix

>>SAUTI NAIROBI – Nairobi Conversations

>>DWAN LUGULU – Gulu Songs of Wisdom (part 1)

>>Gulu Songs of Wisdom (part 2)

>>AFRICA in the Belly of the Beast (Brixton)

You Can Explore & Use the Archived Audio:

Original recordings re-mixed in the audio tracks of the trailers can be accessed, downloaded & used under creative commons share-alike license. They are archived as part of an on-going conversational journey to “Africa” & audio media road workshop across the continent.

The audio playlists on are meant to introduce artists & organisations and the cultural, activist and socio political scenes as encountered by radio continental drift at the time.

We hope that their slow broadcast from the archives may already reach open ears & join like minds, while more complete sets of recordings are still being edited & uploaded.

Your comments & questions will feed the fire. Re-broadcasts & re-mixes can become a starting point for further audio correspondence. Do get in touch if our words & songs strike a common cord.

Thank you for listening!

radio communities/ list of contacts


a broad casting house in the bag of a listener

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