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radioart106fm : women artists 4 women artists


Now archived for your Listening on mixcloud! many thanks to Meira Asher for an inspiring exchange and radio-active continuation of “sonic cross-cultural exchange of women artists” from both sides of the Zambezi and beyond !

featuring i.a.

Virginia Phiri, Eunice Mwiinde, Zubo Trust, Mavis Moyo, Chipata DMI Women, Sithandazile DubeRuvimbo TengaPenny YonEsnart Mweemba, Viola Mwembe, Barbara Mudimba, Abbigal Mumpande, Janet Mwiinde, Luyando Muyalali, soneni Sonny Gee Gwizi,  Annie Mpalume, Chiwoniso, Thandanani Women’s Ensemble, Claudia Wegener, Knut Aufermann, Mobile Radio ; and remixes by Inge van den KroonenbergDixie TreichelGaël Segalen, Antye Greie, Barney Spigel, Bass Oratory, Dinah Bird, Sarah Washington, Felicity Ford , Valerie Vivancos, radio continental drift



Radio Sisters Resources


Let me introduce here two radio projects by women artists which both maintain resourceful online archives much worth a visit – be it that you are looking for inspiration or researching material. radio continental drift recently had the pleasure working with Meira Asher and Radio Art 106 FM and with the Radio Papesse, that is Carola Haupt and Ilaria Gadenz.

Meira Asher’s weekly show explores radiophonic work of radio artists worldwide and is transmitted by KolHaCampus106FM in Israel. Meira went for a listening dive into the archive of radio continental drift and came up presenting a beautiful show of original recordings and remixes of/ for “The Women sing at both sides of the Zambezi”. The show paved the way to Meira’s March-Season highlighting work by women artists and producers. I can highly recommend a dive into the archive of Radio Art 106 FM.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 23.07.05

Radio Papesse recently called for the symposium Süden Radio – Listening South – New geographies of SoundOne of the topics discussed among radio practitioners during the symposium was the question of archiving, use and access to project archives such as that of Radio Papesse. Radio Papesse is based at Florence’ Villa Romana and runs an open online audio archive and a platform for events focusing on sonic dimensions of contemporary cultures.

radio continental drift contributed with a sound piece to the archive, a presentation and listening session. You can listen to all the presentations for Süden Radio at Radio Papesse Archive. You may also access the paper by radio continental drift in print on


Both radio projects are members of Radia – a network of stations presenting “new and forgotten ways of making radio” also maintaining a huge archive of artist’s radio work.

Radio Communities without borders


An update on the ongoing radio journey of the playlist of “Sonic Cross-Cultural Exchanges” of women artists

In May, Doctore Xyramat, FSK Hamburg, presented the playlist of “sonic cross-cultural exchanges” in her regular 13-hours show, dedicated to the music of female artists. Thanks to Doctore Xyramat, we are glad sharing here an excerpt of her on-air show (34′) which includes some of the remixes by international women artists, some of the original interview clips with women artists from Zambia and Zimbabwe and a telephone interview with Claudia Wegener/ radio continental drift (in German).

Xyramat herself specially prepared a remix for the broadcast involving near to all the clips of the original call-out playlist. Enjoy the listening! Remixes at Radio Chimeres Greece

And, thanks to Anna Stereopoulou and the studio team at Radio Chimeres in Greece, we now even know “The Women Sing at Both Sides of the Zambezi” in the Greek language and alphabet… On May 25, on the occasion of the global celebration of Africa Day, the webradio Chimeres Greece featured the entire playlist of Remixes on-air.

Sonic gifts that break down barriers


Joining our sistaz around the globe in celebrating International Women’s Day 2015… we can now release the complete playlist of sonic cross-cultural exchanges remixed by Artists of Listening from France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Finland, UK, Brazil, Canada and the US. As Garth Rennie at Cjam FM put it “sonic gifts that break down barriers”! 

On 9. and 23. February, our playlist of sonic cross-cultural exchanges went on-air to listeners across the Windsor/ Detroit border. Garth Rennie the tracks in his show “Soundscape-Rhythms” on Cjam 99.1 FM, a community and campus radio in Windsor CA. As always in his show, Garth presents the featured tracks cushioned in his live on-air remixes… often, as he says having five or more signal running at one time…

Soundscape-Rhythms broadcast 9 February

Complete compilation of remixes (more infos on each remix artist)

Sonic Cross-cultural exchanges 1

Garth Rennie writes:

“Some woman in Detroit called in asking for the playlist then emailed saying she’d never heard stuff like that… The Detroit connection / prospect always exciting to me. Even though it is across the water [i.e. US] at the end of my street [i.e. Canada] still feels a world apart in some ways [… like across the Zambezi… ?! add. me]. “Zambezi Women” and Remix Artists are creating gifts that break down barriers. This much I know”

Soundscape-Rhythyms broadcast 23 February

We warmly thank all the correspondents in this cross-cultural exchange for sharing their skills with us all; the women artists in Zambia and Zimbabwe for sharing their stories and the International Artists for their response to the women in sound and music!

Sonic Cross-cultural exchanges 2

Radio producers and all our Listeners are warmly invited to continue the correspondence by using the Remixes in broadcasts, sound- and radio pieces, or perhaps in a sound track for a film, and so on…

The source recordings as well as the remixes are shared under creative commons licenses, free for use and download.

source recordings:

Join the celebrations and enjoy the listening!


Radio as Art website

conference flyer/ programme

LONG WALK abridged


“…it has been written so that everyone can share my experiences… but it is not just my story. It is the story of all of us and our struggle to be free…”.

This is how Mandela was introducing the release of the abridged version of his biography, “Long Walk to Freedom”.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 23.25.24

18 July is internationally commemorated as “Nelson Mandela Day” (Madiba’s birthday) and, as “World Listening Day”.  Joining celebration of Madiba and of Listening, I’m re-launching “LONG WALK abridged” a radio piece from 2007, based on recordings which I made in Johannesburg in March 2006. The piece had been “underground” and off-line for a couple of years now. At the time, it was broadcast by Resonance fm in London and across the RADIA network of independent radio station. I’m re-launching it free for download with a page on, linked to its original site on the RADIA website; and I anchor it on the All Africa Sound Map with a couple of clippings of previously unreleased footage from the original recordings in Park Station Johannesburg.


in-the-field_sclick here for info and documentation

click to listen )))))  to the presentation of Claudia Wegener/ radio continental drift

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