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All Female Production Team Shines on International Women’s Day




In Celebration of Women and their Creative Contribution to Society! 

the forthcoming Album is staring young BaTonga Women in the Vocals. 

Lets dance together, join hands across the globe and share in to the wisdom of indigenous knowledge!


Crystal DJ Kwe Favel

Crystal DJ Kwe Favel of Wax Warriors Record Label has partnered up with Claudia Wegener of Radio Continental Drift to release “Radio Remixes Voices of Binga” Electronic Drum Music Album this March 31, 2016.

Can you name an album completely produced from start to finish by women? In most cases, “no!” Not only have the radio samples have been recorded, collected and produced by Claudia, but DJ Kwe has also recorded, produced, engineered and mastered the entire album.

These female electronica artists even tear down international barriers as Ms. Favel is located in Canada and Claudia currently resides in Germany. When you combine both their portfolios, they have over 30 years of experience combined overachieving in a male-dominated technology industry. Their album promises to introduce another method to “preserve Oral Traditions, Ancient Languages and Indigenous Teachings through Aboriginal Electronica On The Rise.

Stay tunes as you watch history in the making, or…

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Sonic gifts that break down barriers


Joining our sistaz around the globe in celebrating International Women’s Day 2015… we can now release the complete playlist of sonic cross-cultural exchanges remixed by Artists of Listening from France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Finland, UK, Brazil, Canada and the US. As Garth Rennie at Cjam FM put it “sonic gifts that break down barriers”! 

On 9. and 23. February, our playlist of sonic cross-cultural exchanges went on-air to listeners across the Windsor/ Detroit border. Garth Rennie the tracks in his show “Soundscape-Rhythms” on Cjam 99.1 FM, a community and campus radio in Windsor CA. As always in his show, Garth presents the featured tracks cushioned in his live on-air remixes… often, as he says having five or more signal running at one time…

Soundscape-Rhythms broadcast 9 February

Complete compilation of remixes (more infos on each remix artist)

Sonic Cross-cultural exchanges 1

Garth Rennie writes:

“Some woman in Detroit called in asking for the playlist then emailed saying she’d never heard stuff like that… The Detroit connection / prospect always exciting to me. Even though it is across the water [i.e. US] at the end of my street [i.e. Canada] still feels a world apart in some ways [… like across the Zambezi… ?! add. me]. “Zambezi Women” and Remix Artists are creating gifts that break down barriers. This much I know”

Soundscape-Rhythyms broadcast 23 February

We warmly thank all the correspondents in this cross-cultural exchange for sharing their skills with us all; the women artists in Zambia and Zimbabwe for sharing their stories and the International Artists for their response to the women in sound and music!

Sonic Cross-cultural exchanges 2

Radio producers and all our Listeners are warmly invited to continue the correspondence by using the Remixes in broadcasts, sound- and radio pieces, or perhaps in a sound track for a film, and so on…

The source recordings as well as the remixes are shared under creative commons licenses, free for use and download.

source recordings:

Join the celebrations and enjoy the listening!

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